Viewing Accelerated Results for Static Scans

Results and Reports

Veracode publishes static scan results incrementally by top-level module, so that you can begin reviewing your results while the remainder of your application is scanned.

About this task

Top-level modules are the binaries identified during prescan verification that have entry points for external data. If the flaws are found in code shared across top-level modules, Veracode recommends that you wait for the entire application to scan, to view results in the context of the entire application.


  1. From Applications, click the View Partial Results link, when available.
    Veracode also sends you an email stating that partial results are available when the first module with results is published. You must have one of the following roles to receive this email: Internal Reviewer, External Reviewer, Executive, Security Lead, Archer Reports, or Results API. view partial results link
    The Triage Flaws view opens, where you can review any available results.
  2. To view which modules have finished scanning:
    1. At the top of the Triage Flaws page, click the % of modules scanned link.
      A popup opens, where you can view the number of modules that have already scanned and the number of modules in the queue for the current scan. module popup
    2. To view information about a specific module, search by module name, then click Go.
  3. To view a set of results published at a certain time:
    1. On the Search drop-down menu, select Publish Time.
    2. For Publish Times, select the range of time you want to view.
    3. Click Go.