Reviewing the DynamicMP Scan Details

Results and Reports

The DynamicMP scan overview page provides you with details about a requested or ongoing scan and enables you to perform more tasks on that scan.

To access the overview page of a scan, click Services at the top of the Veracode Platform, and then click DynamicMP Scan. Select the scan to go to the overview page. From this page you can:
View the Status
Including review the start and completion times, how many sites are in the site list, and how many sites Veracode has successfully scanned.
Perform Common Actions
Use the buttons under the scan status to perform actions such as download the site list or delete the scan.
Work with the Site List
You have the option of viewing the flaws for one or all of the sites.
Filter Results
Use the dropdown filter types to narrow the list to results for a specific scan status, flaw type, or flaw severity.
Link Results to Applications
You can copy the scan results of a site to an application profile.
Generate Remediation Reports
Generate and download remediation reports for DynamicMP results
View the Activity Log
Every event performed during this scan is logged for you to review.