Download Discovery Results for Dynamic Analysis Scans

Results and Reports

With Veracode Discovery, you can download a list of URLs within your web perimeter and upload the list to a new Dynamic Analysis for scanning.

Before you begin

Downloading your Discovery results for Dynamic Analysis requires that you have the following:
  • A Veracode Dynamic Analysis subscription
  • A Veracode Discovery subscription
  • Results from a Discovery scan

About this task

To download your list of web perimeter assets in a format that you can upload directly to a Dynamic Analysis:


  1. Go to My Portfolio > Web Perimeter.
  2. In the All Assets table, select the URLs you want to include in the Dynamic Analysis or select the checkbox at the top of the table to select all of the URLs.
  3. Click Download for Dynamic Analysis.

    Your browser downloads a CSV file containing the selected URLs.
    Note: Dynamic Analysis supports including up to 250 URLs in a single analysis. If you select more than 250 URLs from your web perimeter, Veracode generates one CSV file for each 250 URLs.
  4. If the list of URLs contains any duplicates, you can review the duplicated URLs excluded from the file in the Download for Dynamic Analysis window and click Okay.