Packaging Instructions for Classic ASP

Compilation Guide

See the master compilation guidelines for instructions for other platforms.

Required Files

The Veracode Platform requires all source files for the application.

Supported Classic ASP Versions

Language Platform Version
Classic ASP Windows 1.x, 2.x, 3.0

Packaging Guidance

Note: Veracode does not support binary analysis for Classic ASP applications. You must upload your Classic ASP source files to the Veracode Platform for analysis.

Upload a compressed ZIP archive to the Veracode Platform containing all Classic ASP, VBScript, and ActiveX code and required dependencies. Do not attempt to upload individual Classic ASP files.

Do not upload a combination of Classic ASP files and Windows DLL or EXE files in the same archive. Uploading a combination of Classic ASP and modules written in other languages delays the delivery of your scan results.

The Veracode Platform only attempts to scan files with the following extensions:
  • ASP
  • BAS
  • CLS
  • CTL
  • FRM
  • FRX
  • GRP
  • HTM
  • HTML
  • INC
  • JS
  • OCX
  • VPB
  • VBW