Application Security Quizzes


Veracode eLearning contains application security quizzes that can help determine the current state of your team's security awareness. The results of the quizzes can be used to determine the training developers need.

The course quiz consists of true/false and multiple choice questions. Respondents have a fixed amount of time to finish the quiz. Questions and answers are shuffled before each attempt. Some eLearning courses do not contain a quiz.

To take a course, scroll to the course you are interested in and, in that row, click Access Course. If the course contains a quiz, the quiz is located at the end of the course.

Click access course icon to start a course.

After completing the quiz, respondents are presented with feedback that suggests eLearning courses that should be taken based on their quiz grade.

Veracode Security Quizzes

  1. Respondents can view their score directly after submitting the quiz.
  2. Respondents can view their score at any point after completing the quiz in the My Courses tab.
  3. Quiz scores are available to eLearning managers in the manager's My Team's Courses tab. The score is available on the page and in CSV form for printing and emailing by clicking the Export to CSV icon in the Action column.