About eLearning Metrics


The success of an eLearning program can be measured based on students' performance on courses and quizzes. Users with the Executive role or eLearning Manager role can download eLearning metrics including quiz grades, attempt data, course dates, progress data, and performance against required courses. The data is available as an Excel file and includes data on all students for whom the eLearning manager has access, or for all students for a user with visibility over the whole account.

To retrieve the eLearning report, do the following:

  • Click eLearning in the top menu.
  • Select My Team's Courses.
  • Click Generate New Report to start generating the report in the background.
  • Choose if you want to download a report for the current program year, or all program history.
  • When you return to My Team's Courses, a link to download the report is available, and shows the date on which the report was generated. Click the link to download the Excel report.