Veracode Dynamic Analysis Release Notes

Veracode Release Notes

February 14, 2020

New Video - Create and Run an Unauthenticated Dynamic Analysis
This video shows you how to create, configure, and schedule an unauthenticated Dynamic Analysis.
Row Selection Persistence
When you select the number of rows you want to display in the All Dynamic Analyses table, the selection persists even if you navigate away from that table. Your selection persists until you log out.

January 8, 2020

New Auto-Publish Feature
Auto-Publish is now enabled in Veracode Dynamic Analysis to automatically publish some findings, providing quicker results for specific types of vulnerabilities.
  • If every vulnerability found in all URL scans in a Dynamic Analysis meets the criteria for auto-publication, Veracode publishes the findings immediately after the analysis completes.
  • If one or more vulnerabilities require a review by a Veracode scan engineer, then any findings eligible for auto-publication must wait for that review. Veracode publishes all findings together within 24 hours of when the manual review is complete.
Change to Failed Verification Status
Veracode Dynamic Analysis has updated the status definition that displays when any URL scans fail verification for either a connection or authentication issue.
  • When a single URL scan in an analysis fails verification:
    • The URL scan status is Verification Failed.
    • The Dynamic Analysis status is All Verifications Failed.
  • When an analysis with multiple URL scans has one or more of the URL scans fail verification:
    • The failed URL scan status is Verification Failed.
    • The analysis status is Completed - Partial Results Available.

December 12, 2019

Enhancement to Linking Results to an Application
You can only link the results of one URL configuration to an application. However, you can now link the same target URL with various configurations to the same application, even if the configurations are in a different Dynamic Analysis.