Veracode Application Security Platform Release Notes

Veracode Release Notes

February 19, 2020

Updated Look-and-Feel with New Veracode Branding
Veracode has updated the look-and-feel of the Veracode Platform with new branding.

January 28, 2020

Updates to Sandbox Functionality
Veracode has implemented these changes to improve the performance of sandbox scans:
  • You can delete a sandbox and all of its scans when you promote it to policy.
  • You may have a maximum number of sandboxes you can create for each application. The default limit is 25.
Automated Emails for eLearning Curriculum Updates
Veracode eLearning administrators can turn on automated email notifications to alert eLearning students and managers when the administrator assigns a curriculum to a student.

January 24, 2020

New Video - Create a Custom Policy in the Veracode Platform
This video shows you how to create a custom policy in the Veracode Platform.

January 13, 2020

SCA Findings Dashboard Available in Analytics
Veracode Analytics has a new dashboard that provides Software Composition Analysis (SCA) findings on open vulnerabilities, license risk, issue severities, and library data. Veracode Analytics does not currently display findings from agent-based scans.

January 8, 2020

New Video - Review Scan Results
This video shows you how to view Veracode scan results in the Veracode Platform.

January 2, 2020

SCA Findings Available in Veracode Analytics
Veracode Analytics now provides details about Software Composition Analysis (SCA) findings. If you have an SCA subscription, you can view SCA vulnerabilities displayed in the Findings Status & History dashboard and the Resolution and Mitigation Details dashboard.
Veracode Analytics does not currently display findings from agent-based scans.

December 18, 2019

Set Due Date for an eLearning Curriculum
Veracode eLearning administrators with the Administrator and eLearning roles can now set a fixed due date, fixed due date with a compliance reset date, relative due date, or no due date for a specific curriculum. After an administrator enrolls one or more students in a curriculum, the curriculum is available to those students and eLearning managers.
New XML API Call for Deleting a Sandbox
You can use the new call to delete a single sandbox for an application.

December 10, 2019

New Workflow for Managing Policies
The Veracode Platform now includes a more streamlined policy management workflow. This update simplifies the process of creating and editing application policies.

December 7, 2019

Authentication Upgrade
Veracode has upgraded its back-end authentication functions for user access to the Veracode Application Security Services products. You will receive a prompt to update your security question and answer pair and your multifactor authentication (MFA) method, if your account requires MFA.
Updated MFA Support
Veracode now supports using Google Authenticator, FIDO2, and WebAuthn for MFA. Administrators can assign MFA requirements to users in their organization, prompting them to set up MFA the next time they log in.
Veracode no longer supports RSA tokens. Please mail your RSA tokens to Veracode for recycling at this address:
Attn: IT Support
65 Network Drive
Burlington, MA 01803
To receive a free shipping label from Veracode, contact Veracode Technical Support at