Veracode Integrations Release Notes

Veracode Release Notes

May 7, 2019

Enhanced Azure DevOps Extension to Support Customized Process Templates
The Veracode Azure DevOps Extension version 2.6.0 includes an updated Veracode Flaw Importer task that supports customized process templates. The Veracode Flaw Importer can now import flaws when a work item in your build or release configuration changes states.

March 7, 2019

Veracode Azure DevOps Extension Enhancements
The Veracode Azure DevOps Extension version 2.5.0 includes the following enhancements:
  • Support for Java 11
  • Ability to export .NET work items to other Azure DevOps projects
  • Support for the optional Java wrapper parameter selectedpreviously in the uploadandscan composite action. Use this parameter to indicate that you want to scan the same modules selected in the previous scan.