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Veracode Release Notes

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January 3, 2019

Greenlight User Role Messaging
If you try to scan with Greenlight in either Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ or the Greenlight Continuous Integration (CI) tool but do not have the respective Greenlight IDE or Greenlight API user role, you receive an error message informing you to contact your Veracode account manager. This new message enables you to understand why you cannot scan with Greenlight in this specific scenario.
Project and File Information Included in Greenlight Call
When you start a Greenlight scan in either Eclipse, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, or the Greenlight CI tool, the name of the IDE project and absolute filenames for the files to be scanned are included in the Greenlight call. This additional information is valuable for tracking and reporting purposes, and is available even if the Greenlight scan does not return any findings.
Unlimited File Limit for Folder Scans in Visual Studio

Greenlight for Visual Studio has removed the file restriction for folder scanning, which previously limited scans to five files in the same folder.