Schedule a Recurring Dynamic Analysis Scan

Dynamic Analysis

You can configure a recurring schedule of your Dynamic Analysis to run on a set day and time each week or month.

To schedule a recurring scan:
  1. In the Dynamic Analysis Schedule and Prescan page, in the Frequency field, select Recurring.
  2. In the Start field, enter the date when you want the schedule to start, or click the calendar icon and select a date.
    If you set the start day for the 28th or later, the Dynamic Analysis starts on the last day of the month.

  3. In the Recur field, select Weekly or Monthly.
  4. In the Every field, enter the recurrence frequency in weeks or months.
  5. In the On field, select the day on which you want the scan to recur.
  6. In the End After field, enter the number of weeks or months that you want the recurrence schedule to last.
  7. In the Duration field, from the dropdown menu select the maximum length of time you want each occurrence of the Dynamic Analysis to last.
    Note: Veracode recommends that you set the maximum time for any Dynamic Analysis to three days. If you want to extend this timeframe, a Dynamic Analysis can have a maximum duration of 7 days for a weekly occurring analysis, and 25 days for a monthly occurring analysis.
  8. To review the schedule that you have just configured, click Preview Schedule.

  9. Click Review and Submit to go to the next steps.