Obtain a Certificate Using Chrome

Veracode Integrations Security and Troubleshooting

You can use Google Chrome to obtain an SSL certificate for accessing Veracode.

  • You have a user account or API service account for logging in to Veracode.
  • If you are using an SSL inspection device, you have added the Veracode URLs, such as analysiscenter.veracode.com or api.veracode.com, to your allowlist.
If you have obtained the certificate from your IT team, you can proceed to Import the certificate. This procedure uses an example GoDaddy certificate, but you may see different certificates depending on your environment.
  1. Go to https://analysiscenter.veracode.com and log in.
  2. In the browser address bar, click the lock icon and, then, click Certificate.
  3. In the Certificate window, click the Certification Path tab.
  4. Select the certificate at the top of the list and, then, click View Certificate to open the root certificate in a separate window.
  5. Click the Details tab in the Certificate window, and click Copy to File.
    The Certificate Export Wizard opens.
  6. Click Next, then select DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER).
  7. Click Next, then name the root certificate.
  8. Click Next.
    The Certificate Export Wizard shows the result of the certificate exported to your hard drive. Click Finish.