Filter Findings in Veracode Greenlight Results

Veracode Greenlight

Veracode provides the ability to filter results so that you can focus on the findings that are the most relevant and important.

To perform this task, you must have the Greenlight IDE User role.

The filter action enables you to hide findings in the Veracode Greenlight results based on severity or CWE type. You can clear a filter at any time, and all filters are cleared upon reboot or restart of the IDE.

  1. Click the filter icon in the left tool bar.

  2. In the Set Filter popup, deselect the finding severities you do not want to appear in the results.
  3. Enter the CWE text or ID of any CWEs that you want to filter out.
  4. To move that CWE from the Show Flaws with CWE list to the Hide Flaws with CWE list, select it and click Hide.
  5. move that CWE to the Hide Flaws with CWE list of CWEs the Show Flaws with CWE list, you can select it and click Hide.
    This CWE no longer appears in the Findings list.
  6. Click Save.
    At any time, you can reselect any severities or move the CWEs in the Hide column back to the Show column.