Link Dynamic Analysis Results to an Application

Veracode APIs

Use this code to link the results of a Dynamic Analysis to an existing application.

To link results to an application:
  1. Make a GET call to to find your application by name and obtain the UUID.
  2. Make a POST call to to create an analysis, specifying the ID of the application to which you want to link the analysis results.
The following is an example of how to link scan results from the specified target URL to the UUID of an existing application.
  "name": "Veracode API applink",
  "scans": [
      "linked_platform_app_uuid": "abcd1234-e6d0-475d-ac70-abff5388fa75",
      "scan_config_request": {
        "target_url": {
          "url": "",
          "http_and_https": true,
          "directory_restriction_type": "DIRECTORY_AND_SUBDIRECTORY"
  "schedule": {
    "now": true,
    "duration": {
      "length": 1,
      "unit": "DAY"