Scheduling a DynamicDS Scan

DynamicDS Quick Start

The Scan Schedule page enables you to decide when you want the DynamicDS scan to start and how long you want it to run.

You must provide a timeframe during which Veracode can scan your site. You can start the scan immediately upon submission or at a specific time in the future.

All DynamicDS scans are timeboxed, which means you must choose the scan duration for a scan that you want to start immediately, and both a start- and end-time for a scan that you want to schedule in the future. Veracode recommends a minimum of one full day between the start and finish of the scan window. The timezone of the time you select is that of your local system when you schedule the scan.

Click Submit Scan to begin the DynamicDS scan.

If your login script fails, Veracode reviews your login configuration for you and uploads a fixed login script within two business days of your original scan submission.

Pausing and Resuming a DynamicDS Scan

It is possible to pause your scan at any time, for any reason, without having to obtain a longer scan window. To temporarily pause a scan, in the scan summary page, click the arrow next to the Stop Scan button, and click Pause Scan. When prompted, confirm that you want to pause the scan.
Note: There is a 14-day limit to resume a DynamicDS scan. If you do not resume your scan within 14 days, you must accept the scan results, and request a rescan.

While the DynamicDS scan is paused, Veracode reviews the results the scan has already produced, and publishes a report and score when that information is available. When you want to resume the scan, from the scan overview page, click Resume Scan, or you can click the arrow next to it to drop down the menu of other options. If you opt to accept the scan results, the scan is considered complete and you cannot resume it. Resuming a scan restarts the scan from where it stopped and does not go back and rescan links it has already audited, but you do have to rerun the prescan and complete the scan schedule step before the scan resumes. At the scan schedule step, you can restart the scan immediately or schedule it to start in the future, which changes the original scan completion timeframe.

While a DynamicDS scan of an application is paused, you cannot start another DynamicDS scan of the same application.