Veracode APIs

The call creates a new build of an existing application in the portfolio.

Before using this API, Veracode strongly recommends that you read API Usage and Access Guidelines.

Resource URL


The call also creates a build. Therefore, it is not necessary to use this call as part of the Upload API workflow.
Name Type Description


Integer Application ID.
version String Specify a unique identifier for the build.
lifecycle_stage String (case-sensitive) Validates against the names of the Lifecycle enums:
  • In Development. This category includes pre-Alpha.
  • Internal or Alpha Testing
  • External or Beta Testing
  • Deployed. This category includes in production and actively developed.
  • Maintenance. This category includes only bug fixes.
  • Cannot Disclose
Only used if lifecycle_stage_id is not provided.
launch_date String Validates against the mm/dd/yyyy date format.
sandbox_id Integer Target sandbox ID.


String This parameter is not supported but maintained for backwards compatibility. Validates against the Platform enums. Only used if platform_id is not provided.

HTTPie Example

Examples use the HTTPie command-line tool. See Using HTTPie with the Python Authentication Library.

http --auth-type=veracode_hmac "" "app_id==<app id>" "version==<version name>"

HTTPie Results

The call returns the buildinfo XML document, which references the buildinfo.xsd schema file. You can use the XSD schema file to validate the XML data.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<buildinfo xmlns:xsi="http&#x3a;&#x2f;&#x2f;;2001&#x2f;XMLSchema-instance" 
      https&#x3a;&#x2f;&#x2f;;resource&#x2f;4.0&#x2f;buildinfo.xsd" buildinfo_version="1.5" 
      account_id="<account id>" app_id="<app id>" sandbox_id="<sandbox id>" build_id="<build id>"><build version="<build name>" 
      build_id="<build id>" submitter="<VeracodeUsername>" platform="Not Specified" lifecycle_stage="Not Specified" 
      results_ready="false" policy_name="Veracode Transitional Very High" policy_version="1" policy_compliance_status="Not Assessed" 
      rules_status="Not Assessed" grace_period_expired="false" scan_overdue="false" legacy_scan_engine="false">
      <analysis_unit analysis_type="Static" status="Incomplete"/>