Veracode APIs

The createandsubmitdynamicrescan composite action enables you to create and submit a DynamicDS rescan on the Veracode Platform.

Note: The XML API and the wrappers use a different syntax. For the wrappers, the parameter names omit the underscores, the parameter values omit spaces, and some parameters use different names. For example, the parameter app_id in the API is appid in the wrapper and the parameter value Very High in the API is VeryHigh in the wrapper. The parameter business_criticality in the API is criticality in the wrapper. The syntax is not interchangeable and using the wrong syntax causes your command to fail. To ensure you are using the correct syntax, see the documentation provided in the Help directory for each wrapper.

This table lists the parameters that this action supports:

Name Type Description


String Application name.
flawonly Boolean Default is false. Set this parameter to true to only rescan the flaws discovered in the previous scan.
starttime String Default is immediately. Enter a string for the ISO 8601-compliant combined date and time.
endtime String Default is one day after the start time. Enter a string for the ISO 8601-compliant combined date and time.
version String Name or version of the build that you want to scan.