Updating an Application with the Applications API

Veracode APIs

This use case scenario provides the Applications REST API command and payload for updating an application.

Use this command to update an existing application:
http --auth-type=veracode_hmac PUT "https://api.veracode.com/appsec/v1/applications/<guid>"
Include a payload that defines the updated parameters. For example:
          "profile": {
          "name": "Applications REST API 9.5",
          "tags": "demo, restapi",
          "business_unit": {
          "guid": "08b58da6-b5af-4239-a865-39e2d933906b"
          "business_owners": [],
          "archer_app_name": null,
          "policies": [
          "guid": "9ab6dc63-29cf-4457-a1d1-e2125277df0e",
          "is_default": true
          "teams": [
          "team_id": 18923
          "custom_field_values": [],
          "description": null,
          "business_criticality": "HIGH"