Pause and Resume Scans

Dynamic Analysis

In the event of IT downtimes or high-traffic timeframes, you can pause a Dynamic Analysis scan during specific times of the day or days of the week.

To configure a scan to pause and resume:
  1. When scheduling a Dynamic Analysis, from the Pause and Resume dropdown menu, select On.
  2. In the dropdown menu next to Do not scan, select when you want to pause:
    • During these hours, and select the time you want to pause the scan and the time you want to resume it, or:
    • On these days, and select all days that apply.
  3. Click Review and Submit to review the configuration of your Dynamic Analysis.
You only have to configure the pause and resume automation once and it occurs automatically without any further manual intervention for the duration of the Dynamic Analysis.

To remove a scheduled pause and resume, return to the Schedule of the Dynamic Analysis, and in the Pause and Resume dropdown menu, select Off.

After you schedule a Dynamic Analysis, the frequency of schedule is reflected in the list of All Dynamic Analysis scans.