Configuring Veracode Static for Visual Studio


You configure Veracode Static for Visual Studio to enable access to Veracode.

To configure Veracode Static for Visual Studio:
  1. In Visual Studio, select Veracode Static > Options.
  2. Select a tab to view the configuration settings.
    You provide your Veracode API credentials to the extension using Veracode API credentials file.
    If you use a proxy to access the Veracode Platform, specify the HTTPS proxy settings for the extension. If you are unsure about your proxy settings, contact your network IT team.
    To configure your proxy settings:
    1. Select the Connect using Proxy checkbox.
    2. Enter the appropriate proxy details.
    3. Click Apply and, then, click OK.
    Specify the location of the precompilation target directory and, if necessary, change the default behavior of the actions. See Configuring Precompilation Options for Visual Studio.
    Detailed Reports
    Select the Save detailed report to disk checkbox and enter the path to the location where you want to save the Veracode Detailed Report.