Understanding Veracode Greenlight for Android Studio Technical Requirements

Veracode Greenlight

Veracode Greenlight is designed to scan a file or small package. For this reason, initiating a scan at the project level is restricted. For project-level scans, use Veracode Static Analysis.

Greenlight for Android Studio can only scan Java classes that compile correctly and ignores all other files. It can also scan top-level packages that contain other packages, as well as non-minified1 JavaScript files. It is only possible to scan JavaScript embedded in the following file types: ASP, CSS, EHTML, ES, ES6, HANDLEBARS, HBS, HJS, HTM, HTML, JS, JSON, JSP, JSX, MAP, MUSTACHE, PHP, TS, TSX, and XHTML.

You can submit a package that contains both Java and JavaScript files, but only the Java files are scanned and the JavaScript files are ignored. Then, you can either scan the JavaScript files one by one, or move them to a folder that only contains JavaScript files, which you can then submit for scanning.

In addition to using Greenlight for Android Studio, Veracode recommends that you perform a full static analysis using the Veracode Platform or Veracode Greenlight to achieve comprehensive coverage, actionable results, and policy-level reporting to determine application production readiness.

Veracode Greenlight uses these two certificates that are signed by a certificate authority: downloads.veracode.com and api.veracode.com.

Note: The Veracode Greenlight plugin has minimal impact to your local system. If your environment is outside of the above requirements and you are interested in the Veracode Greenlight plugin, email support@veracode.com regarding your interest, your IDE tools, IDE version, and programming languages you use in your job.
1 Non-minified code has not had unnecessary characters such as white space, new lines, comments, and block delimiters removed.