About the Veracode Integration for CA Agile Central

Ticketing Systems

The Veracode Integration for CA Agile Central provides systematic reporting of the security flaws found in Veracode scans and imports them as defects into CA Agile Central. This service automates the process of creating a defect with CA Agile Central based on the results of the latest Veracode scan.

This service provides a two-way integration between Veracode and CA Agile Central. Flaw-related information used to create defects and the mitigation information updated in the flaws is synchronized into CA Agile Central. Users can see the mitigation history of a flaw in Veracode inside the CA Agile Central defect and update the mitigation action and comments within CA Agile Central. The state of the defect in CA Agile Central is purely based on the flaw status and changing the state of the flaw in CA Agile Central does not impact the state of the flaw in Veracode.