Using the DynamicDS API Calls

Veracode APIs

The Veracode DynamicDS APIs use several calls to automate tasks involved in creating and configuring DynamicDS requests.

These calls consist of:
Creates a DynamicDS scan request.
Configures a DynamicDS scan request.
Configures a DynamicDS scan request to include and exclude specified URLs.
Submits a DynamicDS scan request.
Provides username and password credentials for authentication of browser-based logins for a DynamicDS scan.
Uploads a forms-based login script for a DynamicDS scan.
Returns the status of a specific DynamicDS scan.
Returns information on a specific flaw from a DynamicDS scan.
Returns a list of available VSAs.
Assigns a VSA to a DynamicDS scan request.
Creates a DynamicDS scan request using the configuration of the last scan.