Replacing a Library Using Conditional Compilation Blocks

Veracode Packaging Requirements

You can use a Veracode workaround to replace a library so that an application can generate bitcode.

In some cases, you can remove the library from the bitcode variant and replace it with simple stubbed-out calls in the same source code. You can then generate the bitcode.

In this example, the code refers to a third-party library InclusionLib. This code includes a call to a function called RNG. Conditional compilation blocks control whether to include the stub or the InclusionLib library.

import SwiftUI
// IF/ELSE to include the mock library under certain conditions.
import Foundation
import InclusionLib
func RNG(with x:UInt32) ->UInt32 {
      print("Running dummy rng")
      return 1
//Contents view for a specific example
struct ExampleView View {
      let example: AccessibilityExample
      let rng:UInt32
      init(_ example: AccessibilityExample) {
      self.example = example
      self.rng = RNG(with: 3)
      var body: some View {
            VStack {