Troubleshooting DynamicDS Prescan Errors

DynamicDS and DynamicMP

Prescans verify if the site is reachable before a DynamicDS scan begins.

Prescans can fail for three reasons: the site is unreachable, the network connection quality is poor, or the scan is unable to log into the target site. The following table outlines potential solutions to the problems you might encounter.

Error Category Error Message Potential Situation Solution
Site Reachability ?? There is a network error with the URL that you supplied. Veracode can resolve the DNS but cannot reach the site or cannot reach it well.

Verify the URL. Ensure your web server is working correctly and is accessible to our IP range and that no firewalls are blocking Veracode.

Login verification URL redirects to the following out of scope URL: Ensure the URL is covered by the Allowed Hosts configuration. The login script does not include the host you provided or to which the prescan has been redirected.

Try to submit the prescan again. If it still fails for the same reason, contact Veracode Technical Support.

Login Verification Auto-login has failed. Please verify your login credentials and try again. Veracode failed to log in using the auto-login feature. Verify the login credentials you provided and try again.
Browser became non-responsive while executing Login Script: Record and upload a new Login Script. The browser became non-responsive while Veracode was executing the login script you provided. The script has failed somewhere in the process and then timed out. This is not a blocking error so you can schedule your scan anyway, or you can record and upload a new script.
Verification Text Failed: Ensure that Verification Text is actually present on page after logging in

The login script may not have logged in or the text is invalid and Veracode was unable to find it.

This is not a blocking error so you can schedule your scan anyway, or you can change the verification text and resubmit the prescan.
Network Connectivity ?? The connection failed repeatedly. Check the site connectivity messages in the Veracode Platform to review the errors for the URLs you provided. Change the URLs or leave them as they are and schedule the scan with the original configuration.