Configuring Scan Options

DynamicDS Quick Start

On the Scan Options screen, you can configure the level of rescan you want to perform and select the DynamicDS scan engine to use to scan your web applications.

By default, Veracode performs a full rescan. To configure the scan to only scan the links with vulnerabilities found in previous scans, select Vulnerability rescan.
Note: You cannot select Vulnerability rescan the first time you perform a scan after changing the scan mode. The option is available for all subsequent scans.

The default scan engine is the Veracode cloud-based scan engine, but if you want to use a VSA to which you have access, select Yes, I am using a VSA.

If you choose to use your virtual scan appliance for the scan, click Select VSA Group and select the VSA group that contains the VSA you want to use.

The availability column indicates whether or not the VSA group you selected is available. If the group is not available, click the VSA Scan Queue link to see if the VSA group is unavailable or at capacity because it has scans already in its queue.

Scan Certification

You must have approved permission to run a DynamicDS scan on the target URLs. The prescan does not begin until you confirm permission. To state you have approval, select I certify that my organization has the right to scan this web application.

Click Run Prescan Now to begin the DynamicDS prescan.