Performing a Prescan

DynamicDS Quick Start

After you select a scan engine, Veracode performs a prescan to ensure that the provided information permits a successful DynamicDS scan. The prescan checks for the following:

Site reachable
the scan engine can contact the site and receive a response.
Connection quality
the scan engine does not receive a large number of network errors while testing the site.
Login success
the scan engine can successfully execute the login script, if required.
Crawl success
the scan engine can crawl a minimum of four links.

Tracking Prescan Status

The status window appears after the prescan starts. You can monitor this window or leave the window and await notification of the prescan completion by email or on the Application Profile page.

Opt to automatically start the scan

If you do not choose to automatically start the full scan after the prescan successfully completes, you can manually submit the scan request by clicking Schedule Scan at the bottom of the DynamicDS Prescan Status page and the full scan request queues to start as soon as your specified scan window begins.

Viewing the Prescan Results

The DynamicDS Prescan Status page enables you to see if the scan succeeded and where there were errors, if any.

Prescan results

Scan Request Details

This section of the page summarizes all the information you provided when requesting a DynamicDS scan, including any login or crawl instructions. Click edit to change any of the request details.

At this point you can rerun the prescan if you have edited your scan configuration, or you can click Schedule Scan to go to the next step of scheduling your scan.

Login Verification

If you receive a login failure error that states that Veracode was not able to log in using the login script you provided, you can still schedule and submit the scan by clicking Schedule Scan at the bottom of the prescan results page. The login error delays the scan by two business days while Veracode investigates the error and starts the scan for you.